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Unique, peat scented incense cones. Lovingly crafted in the Scottish Highlands. Peatcense tin

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Evoke the memories of an open peat fire with one of our amazing cones

Every tin comes with 20 cones, each one lit awakening your senses to that beautiful highland smell of peat burning in the comfort of your own home. Paired with a nice dram of Scotch whisky, what better way to spend an evening?

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Open tin cover
Cone burning
Tin with cone

Our cones are handmade in Scotland, every tin being lovingly packaged and quality checked before it's carefully packaged up and shipped out.

Drying room


The cones going through the drying process in our on-site workshop
Open tin top down

Ready to ship

Every tin carefully inspected before being sealed and shipped
Slate with cone

Peatcense slates

Beautiful engraved slates make the perfect surface to burn our cones on
Burning cone

Slow burning

Our cones burn for 20-25 minutes with the gentle aroma being enjoyed for hours
Box with cones

Ideal gift

Our cones make an ideal gift - for yourself or for someone special
Open tin

Beautiful tin

After you've used all of the cones, re-use the beautifully made tin
Display Unit

Attractive Display Unit

One of our display units - free with your first order of 48 or more tins.

We have a wide range of stockists, all over the UK and even into Europe and beyond. Some of our online stockists are listed below.

The Celtic House

Destined for Home

Hugo Ross

Lilypond Crafts


Whisky Castle

"We love this product...and Scotland."

Brad Beranek

"It remains one of our best sellers"

Evelyn Lilypond Crafts & Gifts

We have been a stockist of your wonderful product for years now and will definitely remain one

Lynne McCallum Barr Blackhouse Gift Shop

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Caithness, Scotland
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